Managed collocation

Carrier neutral collocation in Downtown Los Angeles

Traditional captive collocation facilities limit you to the use of the collocation provider’s bandwidth. This can inhibit your ability to negotiate bandwidth pricing, purchase additional transit, and build diverse BGP networks. Generally the solution to this is to purchase space from a carrier neutral facility at a substantial cost premium.

Managed collocation from Black Lotus is the solution. Black Lotus gives you the freedom to connect to any carrier, offers DDoS protected IP transit, and provide intelligent remote hands at reasonable rates.

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LA2 is Black Lotus’ new fully owned and operated facility, offering cost effective cages, cabinets, and partial cabinets with 60A/110V of power pre-deployed to each rack equivalent. See more of Black Lotus LA2 at our Datacenter Tour

Black Lotus LA2 is located inside of the One Wilshire annex, a highly secure Tier III facility where Black Lotus maintains 96 diverse fiber pair to the One Wilshire meet-me-room at 624 S. Grand, providing customers with low cost carrier neutral options and rapid deployment of cross connects.

Exceptional service at an exceptional facility

Collocating at LA2 places your business at the heart of downtown Los Angeles inside the city’s best connected telecommunications campus. Black Lotus provides the unique benefits of cost effective carrier neutral collocation, access to nearly any carrier or exchange, high power density, and highly competent, low cost on-site remote hands capable of handling equipment installations, network engineering, and systems management.

Key features include:

  • High density floor plan licensed to 185 kW, with sufficient cooling and pre-deployment of 60A/110V per cabinet equivalent
  • Meet-me-area with 96 fiber pair extended to One Wilshire, providing access to over 200 carriers
  • Access to the Black Lotus HPCN network, facilitating rapid access to Asia and Australia optimized, DDoS protected international transit
  • Safety and security features include on-site security officers, mantraps, biometric access control, and pre-action fire suppression
  • Earthquake reinforced building and collocation site architecture, greatly exceeding Seismic Zone 4 standards
  • SSAE 16 Type 2 compliant

DDoS protected IP transit

Connect to any carrier in Los Angeles, or directly to Black Lotus for high performance, Asia and China optimized DDoS protected transit. Black Lotus is the only carrier neutral collocation solution to offer a DDoS protected bandwidth service, eliminating the need to purchase costly protection services from outside providers.

Black Lotus offers a one of a kind DDoS Attack Monitoring Platform (AMP) that displays aggregate flows from the DDoS mitigation cloud’s edge networks. This allows you to gain visibility on large attacks that span across the entire network without being constrained to a limited view of attack data. With AMP, it is possible to visualize attack data in excess of multi-10G and identify specific targets.

Connect to any carrier, without restrictions

When you collocate with Black Lotus, you can order cross connects to literally any carrier available in Los Angeles. Black Lotus offers fiber pair and Layer 3 transport service to exchange points including:

  • Telx
  • Equinix
  • CoreSite and Any2 exchange

Black Lotus makes it easy to connect to hundreds of carriers and peering points. Click on the exchange points above to view a complete list of available carriers. Connect with Black Lotus to learn about managing cost through outsourcing your datacenter requirements.