Attack Monitoring Platform

Real time DDoS attack visibility

Black Lotus provides all DDoS mitigation clients with real time visibility into network traffic in order to assist with identification of DDoS attacks. Through the Black Lotus MitigationPro AMP monitoring platform, clients have access to an easy to read and interpret dashboard showing a 24 hour bit and packet history, along with current and recent attacks against network resources. The platform indicates the severity of the attack, the protocol, and the upstream transit provider where the anomaly was detected.

Figure 1. Attack Monitoring Platform dashboard

Research historical DDoS attacks

Need details on historical DDoS attacks? Archived traffic anomalies can be searched and exported to Excel or Acrobat. This data is useful for providing specific details of DDoS attacks to your customers, or for providing reports to management on DDoS threats and the value of solutions that are in place to mitigate the attacks.

Figure 2. Researching historical DDoS attacks

Provide your clients detailed attack data

When you need more granular data you can run reports on a per IP, per subnet, or per IP group basis. These reports can be printed or exported to Acrobat. This makes it easy to show clients an aggregate view of DDoS attacks detected by the network which can be extremely helpful when needing to provide a detailed post mortem report.

Figure 3. Detailed analysis on a per IP or per subnet basis