High Performance Carrier Network

Elements of a DDoS resilient carrier network

In 2007, 8 years after Black Lotus’ inception, our engineers began to understand the importance of building a high performance network, purpose built to withstand DDoS attacks and other malicious traffic. Over the next 5 years, Black Lotus perfected the Black Lotus High Performance Carrier Network (HPCN), capable of low latency performance under heavy load. This network is the foundation for Black Lotus DDoS protection services and DDoS protected hosting services, enabling our company to provide enterprise grade availability assurance solutions at an entirely reasonable cost.

Key benefits of Black Lotus HPCN include:

  • Pure ethernet architecture on a multi-10G backbone, leveraging only high performance Juniper MX routers
  • Performance under fire: Network delivers 99.99% SLA despite high threat environment
  • Dual stack IPv4/IPv6 enabled
  • Static Layer 3 policies (ACL’s) allowing customers to define basic filters that are exported upstream edge networks
  • Zero cost ingress transit, preventing overages resulting from DDoS attack traffic
  • Low latency, high performance routes worldwide, with emphasis on Asia and mainland China
  • Real time traffic and DDoS attack intelligence via the Attack Monitoring Platform

AS map detailing Black Lotus’ proximity to leading global networks

Crossing the Pacific

Black Lotus HPCN is the only carrier network purpose built for carrying malicious traffic, such as DDoS attacks, that provides outstanding routes to Asia and mainland China. With a global perspective Black Lotus established transit relationships with carriers providing the lowest latency routes across the Pacific. On Black Lotus HPCN, many round trip times to China are under 160 milliseconds, nearly 50% lower than some competing carriers and DDoS mitigation providers.

First class engineering and monitoring

From the Network Operations Center in downtown Los Angeles, Juniper and Cisco certified engineers maintain a 24/7/365 watch on all critical elements of the Black Lotus HPCN. Access to highly competent network and security engineers is only one phone call away, no matter when you call. Consult with an engineer in real time to troubleshoot connectivity, gain traffic intelligence, or conduct analysis on DDoS attacks. Access network flow data through the self service Attack Monitoring Platform, providing real time visibility on traffic and infrastructure health, upstream of the customer premise.

Screenshot of the Attack Monitoring Platform, available to all Black Lotus customers to view edge network flows.

Connecting to Black Lotus HPCN

IP transit service to Black Lotus HPCN is available via dark fiber pair and Layer 3 ethernet service anywhere in the Los Angeles metro area. Carrier hotels like Carrier Center (600 W 7th.) and One Wilshire (624 S. Grand), to encompass the collocation providers TelX, Equinix, and CoreSite, where dark fiber is readily available, are prime locations for interconnection with Black Lotus HPCN. Outside of the DTLA and El Segundo areas, Black Lotus can provide last mile connectivity via Layer 3 ethernet service from local CLEC’s.

Customers outside the Los Angeles metro area who are looking to connect to Black Lotus HPCN can consider Layer 3 ethernet service through a partner network. Those wishing to leverage Black Lotus HPCN as a DDoS mitigation tool can establish a GRE tunnel as part of our Protection for Networks service.

Black Lotus maintains a substantial presence at Carrier Center, 600 W. 7th St, Los Angeles, California. Our company maintains a presence at the Telx C³ Cloud Connection Center™ , facilitating streamlined last mile connectivity to the Black Lotus HPCN and providing unparalleled access to transpacific cable landing stations.