Levels of protection

Helping you choose the right DDoS protection

Choosing the an appropriate level of DDoS protection can be a tedious process. This is especially true when one considers that each provider of DDoS mitigation services packages solutions differently, making it difficult to draw accurate comparisons. Black Lotus offers 3 distinct levels of service, depending on the requirements of each respective customer. Our selection process makes it easy to align your needs and budget.

Each upgrade provides aggregate protection for all resources on the protected service. Unlike many competing services that charge per domain, or per IP address, your protection level upgrade provides you with a pool of resources for the entire service. For instance, if your service is a dedicated server all domains and IP addresses on the server would benefit from the same level of pooled protection.

Black Lotus offers pricing that is substantially preferential when compared against leading competitors:

  • All plans allow unlimited use of the DDoS mitigation service
  • There are no per incident fees or overages assessed for receiving DDoS attacks
  • DDoS mitigation is fully automatic, there is no needing to wait for human intervention or having to call an operations center to activate protection
  • Service providers are encouraged to use the service full time and resell DDoS protection to their clients
  • Customers are never classified as “high risk” or charged extra for receiving too many attacks

Let us help you choose a DDoS protection upgrade

The DDoS protection levels offered by Black Lotus are as follows:

Standard DDoS Protection

Every Black Lotus customer is protected by our standard DDoS Protection at little or no additional cost. By including a significant amount of DDoS protection with every service package, we are able to prevent most customers from ever having to purchase an upgrade. Bundling DDoS protection as a standard benefit assures the defense of our customers while eliminating the need to purchase additional third party protection.

  • Protection against all known attacks, with plans from 2 Gbps to 10 Gbps and up to 6,000,000 packets per second
  • Heuristic based DDoS protection, enabling complete defense against all known and “zero day” threats
  • 99.9% SLA
  • Standard 24/7/365 ticket or telephone support

Metered Duration Pricing

In order to help make DDoS protection more affordable, Black Lotus also offered metered duration pricing. With metered duration pricing, there is no limit to the number of attacks that can be received and mitigated, however, each individual attack incident is limited to a one hour duration. After one hour, Black Lotus may decide to null route the specific destination that is under attack while continuing to allow the remaining IP addresses to route normally.

  • Allows service providers to reduce costs while still mitigating the majority of attacks
  • Facilitates maximum overall value without placing a limit on number of attack incidents or activation duration

Mitigation Critical DDoS Protection

Customers requiring the highest level of availability assurance through multi-10G DDoS protection and VIP level technical support should consider upgrading to the Mitigation Critical DDoS Protection level. When uptime is critical and service requests must be handled with the highest possible priority, Mitigation Critical ensures that you’re provided the white glove treatment that your needs dictate.

  • Multi-10G as needed to rapidly scale with dynamic customer requirements, enabling complete protection against any and all DDoS attacks
  • Heuristic based DDoS protection, enabling complete defense against all known and “zero day” threats
  • 99.99% Proactive SLA, guaranteeing the highest level of availability assurance, within the subscribed specification
  • VIP Priority Support; receive immediate Tier 2/3 escalation on every call or ticket
  • Direct to NOC “Batline” for critical requests
  • Dedicated account executive