Availability Assurance Partner Program

Does your company offer DDoS mitigation to its customers?

The Availability Assurance Partner Program, or (AP)², is a partnership between Black Lotus and a provider of internet presence, such as hosting providers or datacenters, that enables the provider to offer DDoS mitigation services. (AP)² has program options to suit every need including network operators, resellers, sales agents, and referral agents.

  • Network operators benefit from (AP)² by peering with Black Lotus and providing DDoS mitigation services to end users. When an end user needs larger protection, the operator refers business to Black Lotus and receives a commission. The end user continues to receive DDoS protection through the network operator’s peering session while receiving technical support direct from Black Lotus
  • Referral agents join (AP)² in order to direct their customers to their DDoS mitigation provider of choice and create new revenue streams with perpetual monthly commissions.
  • Sales agents are (AP)² who sell DDoS mitigation services directly to end users on behalf of Black Lotus and earn more aggressive perpetual monthly commissions. 
  • Resellers join (AP)² to expand their catalog of services and add value by providing white label DDoS mitigation services such as servers, proxies, and GRE tunnels to their existing customers while enjoying volume pricing at 10 to 50% below list depending on commitment levels. 

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Grow revenue, mitigate risk, be a hero

When your customers are under DDoS attack, they will look to you for the solution. Will you be ready? It is a fact that very few internet presence providers are ready to effectively handle DDoS attacks on behalf of their customers in a manner that is low risk, technically sound, and lives up to the customer’s expectations. Even the most technically advanced companies often lack the resources, human capital, and patented techniques to mitigate zero day DDoS attacks. Fail to meet the customer’s expectations, and they will look elsewhere for protection, thereby impacting your company’s reputation and often resulting in a loss of revenue.

A matter of greater importance is the protection of your own network. When your high risk customers are protected through the (AP)² partnership, the risk of DDoS attacks against your network is significantly diminished. With less attacks, you pay less in bandwidth, your engineers have more free time, and your customers enjoy better uptime. You will be a hero to your customer, and with zero commitment margins of 50%, you’ll be a hero to the bean counters too.