Emergency DDoS Protection

Emergency DDoS protection for websites under attack

Black Lotus understands that DDoS attack emergencies occur when least expected. Our emergency ordering process makes it easy to choose and order emergency DDoS protection any time, 24/7/365.  We will install your emergency service with a target time of 1 hour from time of order.

  • Black Lotus engineers are standing by to assist you, 24/7/365
  • You’re automatically protected against almost any attack, regardless of size and complexity (within chosen plan specifications)

Automatic protection, no matter where you host

Protection for Services (PFS) is a reverse proxy service designed for the effective DDoS mitigation of HTTP and SSL traffic. Our patent pending Human Behavior Analysis (HBA) is at the forefront of our Layer 7 DDoS mitigation strategy. With HBA, each request is not only filtered but is also validated to ensure that it originated from a real human or legitimate search engine spider.

Order Protection Now

Simply place your order and point your DNS to Black Lotus using the easy to follow instructions we will provide. Your traffic will be scrubbed and the clean traffic will be forwarded back to your web server or other application.