Protection for Networks

Rapidly deployable DDoS protection for any network

Black Lotus makes it easy and cost effective to deploy DDoS mitigation to any network, anywhere in the world. Delivering connectivity to the Black Lotus HPCN through ethernet cross connect (available in Los Angeles), static GRE tunnel, or BGP GRE tunnel we are able to protect your entire network from DDoS attacks in as little as one day. The process is simple: We establish one or more tunnel interfaces to your network, making Black Lotus the first point of entry for your network traffic. Your traffic is then scrubbed by our DDoS mitigation systems, and only clean traffic is passed back to your network.

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Reduce costs and maximize performance with GRE tunnels

DDoS mitigation by GRE tunnel has the distinct benefits of being the fastest method to deploy DDoS protection for an entire network, while helping network operators reduce costs, and minimize latency. Key features of this technology include:

  • Protection against any DDoS attack, scalable to any capacity
  • Black Lotus offers full support for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, making us the first DDoS mitigation provider on a fully functional dual stack.
  • Only ingress traffic is carried over the GRE tunnel, keeping latency overhead to an absolute minimum. This is especially true in the hosting environment where typical ingress to egress ratios range 1:5 to 1:20.
  • You have the choice of receiving Black Lotus IP space over your tunnel, originating your IP space at Black Lotus, or announcing your traffic to Black Lotus only when needed.
  • Provide DDoS protection to your entire customer base, or designate a high risk subnet for clients more likely to receive DDoS attacks. You can then achieve ROI by selling DDoS protection to your customers.
  • Hosting providers who operate a BGP network can use Protection for Networks to offer whitelabel DDoS protection services when participating in our (AP)² partner program

See DDoS mitigation in action with real time reporting

Black Lotus offers a one of a kind DDoS Attack Monitoring Platform (AMP) that displays aggregate flows from the DDoS mitigation cloud’s edge networks. This allows you to gain visibility on large attacks that span across the entire network without being constrained to a limited view of attack data. With AMP, it is possible to visualize attack data in excess of multi-10G and identify specific targets.

Keeping DDoS mitigation solutions affordable

Network based DDoS mitigation solutions can be quite expensive, with monthly recurring costs reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars. Onsite solutions, such as DDoS mitigation appliances, often have a steep learning curve and can cost as much as $60,000 per 1 Gbps of protection, not counting the ongoing cost of operations, maintenance contracts, and bandwidth overages.

Black Lotus is your DDoS protection hero. With enterprise grade solutions starting at $1000.00 per month, with no setup fee and no contract, you can comfortably protect your network without any capital expenditures or difficult commitments.