Protection for Services

Instant DDoS protection for your websites, or anything else

Are you looking to protect your websites, or other services, from DDoS attacks without having to change your hosting provider? Protection for Services makes it easy to deploy proxy based protection anywhere in the world by leveraging the Black Lotus DDoS mitigation cloud. Simply purchase your desired protection level and we will provide you with a virtual IP address (VIP). When you change your hostname to point to the VIP, you’re automatically protected from DDoS attacks. Black Lotus delivers simplicity to availability security management.

Once in place, your traffic is scrubbed by Black Lotus in Los Angeles and then sent to your server transparently.

Getting started is fast and easy

Rapidly provisioning DDoS mitigation is a breeze with Black Lotus, simply click the purchase button below and we will have you up and running within 1 day, unless of course you require emergency provisioning where we will begin your installation immediately. Black Lotus protection is risk free as there are no contracts, and no setup fees for standard provisioning.

Purchase Protection for Services

Need help placing your order? Reach out to us anytime and we will walk you through the process.

Guaranteed global performance

Black Lotus uses optional real user performance monitoring to track the actual time required to load each page. The supporting graphic on the (left) shows an actual sample of traffic by a Black Lotus customer with an origin server in Europe. By providing clients with a robust global network, Black Lotus is able to serve this customer’s content to all points of the globe in under 2.3 seconds despite the proxy service overhead. This is achieved by using static content caching and leveraging global IP networks for transit service.

Complex heuristics guarantee DDoS mitigation with dead accurate precision

Protection for Services (PFS) is suitable for the DDoS protection of any service. Literally any TCP or UDP port(s) can be filtered and proxied at Layer 4. PFS is especially useful for HTTP/HTTPS DDoS mitigation as requests are mitigated at Layer 7 using Black Lotus’ patent-pending Human Behavior Analysis (HBA) technology. With HBA, heuristics are used to make intelligent blocking decisions based on whether or not the request is deemed to have originated from a real human user. This means that a request can be identified as malicious and blocked, even if it is not exhibiting traditional DDoS attack signatures.

Black Lotus is the only DDoS mitigation service provider innovating request analysis technology capable of detecting and mitigating an attack at any OSI layer, without knowing its signature in advance.

See DDoS mitigation in action with real time reporting

Black Lotus offers a one of a kind DDoS Attack Monitoring Platform (AMP) that displays aggregate flows from the DDoS mitigation cloud’s edge networks. This allows you to gain visibility on large attacks that span across the entire network without being constrained to a limited view of attack data. With AMP, it is possible to visualize attack data in excess of multi-10G and identify specific targets.