Dedicated Servers

DDoS protected dedicated servers

Black Lotus offers dedicated server solutions for companies which require the highest performance DDoS mitigation with zero overhead latency. By hosting on bare metal servers in the same datacenter as one of Black Lotus' DDoS mitigation facilities companies avoid performance bottlenecks typically associated with cloud mitigation solutions. Reach out to us and we will work with you to rapidly provision one of our ready to deploy systems or design a custom solution suited to your unique requirements.

Order A Dedicated Server

State of the Art DDoS Mitigation Facilities

Black Lotus provides carrier grade DDoS mitigation service through state of the art, globally distributed facilities in North America and Europe, with extended service available anywhere in the world. Capable of defeating the world's largest and most complex attacks, the Black Lotus network has earned numerous awards for its scale, capability, and success in guaranteeing the defense of service providers and enterprises.

Key capabilities of the Black Lotus network include:

  • Global terabit-scale network with over 1 Tbps of active DDoS mitigation capacity
  • Datacenters and DDoS mitigation facilities throughout North America and Europe
  • Global service delivery via GRE tunnels, physical cross connections, or virtual ethernet service
  • Extensive peering and high performance transit capacity with NTT, GT-T, Level 3, Equinix, and CoreSite
  • Redundancy at every layer of service with zero single points of failure
  • Native IPv6 DDoS detection and mitigation capabilities

In 2014, Black Lotus invested an additional $6 million in order to expand its global footprint, improve performance, and guarantee continued defense against attacks.